Disguised as an American serviceman, the Russian soldier Kohler accompanied his superiors, Colonels Antonin Dovchenko and Irina Spalko, to infiltrate Hangar 51 in Nevada in 1957 in search of the Roswell remains.


Nothing is known of his early life, but at some point he ended up on a mission under Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko and Colonel Antonin Dovchenko. He sat with other members of Soviet Special Forces including Marelli in a cargo truck. Their mission was to infiltrate Hangar 51 on American soil and recover the remains of an Interdimensional being. Kohler and his colleagues disapproved of several teenagers driving past with music blaring.

He and his fellow soldiers stood in a circle around the staff car in which Henry Walton Jones, Junior and George 'Mac' McHale were held. As the two were hauled out, the soviet soldiers kept their guns on them as Jones put on his Fedora hat. The large group soon entered the Hangar, and laughed when Jones asked for their bullets to help in his search for the remains. He watched in awe as the bullets Jones had taken flew through the air towards the heavily magnetised crate in which the remains were to be found. Kohler and his colleagues looked on in amazement and fear as they saw the remains of the being for the first time. However, Jones used this to his advantage as he stole Franklin's gun, knocked out Adams and threatened Spalko. The Soviets gave in when Spalko was threatened, but all immediately pointed their guns at Jones again when Mac betrayed him. Jones dropped his gun, which fired when it hit the ground, hitting Dovchenko's foot. As Jones attempted to escape, Kohler and the others pursued, guns at the ready, but to no avail. Kohler was among the soldiers who were sent flying backwards when Jones drove a jeep through several boxes. Spalko then ordered him and the others to block the exits, which he ran off to do.

Kohler was later among those under Dovchenko who captured Indiana Jones and Henry 'Mutt' Jones III in Nazca, Peru. They captured Jones and took him to their camp near Akator in Brazil. He and his colleagues were drunk as they watched Harold Oxley, another captive, dancing around the campfire, and laughed and cheered for him. They booed as Roosevelt and Marelli took Oxley away to Spalko. He watched with his fellow soldiers as Indy, Spalko, Mutt, Oxley and Marion Ravenwood discovered the location of the Temple of Akator. When Mutt knocked over the table they were working on, the captives escaped, but were soon apprehended near a patch of quick sand.

Kohler was sitting in a jeep with four of his colleagues as the Soviet convoy travelled to the temple of Akator. Kohler manned a machine gun, which he fired at Indy, but missed every shot he fired. Indy jumped onto the jeep, knocking one of Kohler's fellow soldiers off of the jeep. He and his other remaining colleagues were knocked out, and fell off of the jeep when it went over a tree stump, but, unlike his two fellow soldiers, he managed to grab onto the jeep, and was dragged along with it. He was nearly shot by Spalko as she fired a machine gun at Indy and his companions, but Kohler managed to climb atop the jeep, grab the Crystal Skull and throw it to Spalko, before Mac knocked him off of the jeep. He was left behind in Brazil.

Behind the scenes

Kohler was played by an uncredited performer in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While it can't made out in the film itself without the Blu-ray edition, Kohler's name tag and the man who played him can prominently be seen standing next to director Steven Spielberg on the DVD's special features.



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