A kraken was a legendary animal resembling an octopus or squid of immense size and were known to attack people. Indiana Jones came across kraken on more than one occassion.


Having already faced the kraken-like Sea Devil in 1935[2], Jones was attacked later that same year by a kraken in the water filled ruins of Belisarius in Turkey while trying to claim the final piece to the Mirror of Dreams. It sent jellyfish-like creatures at Indy, which he fended off with a harpoon gun. The archaeologist succeeded in routing the creature by destroying the pillars at the entrance to the underwater palace with time bombs he found on the surface.[3]

Four years later Jones was captured by the Sargasso Pirates while looking for a Viking ship. A kraken was summoned by The Sea Witch, the pirates' leader, in the Sargasso Bay. Forced to jump between two ships as the kraken waited below, Jones successfully completed the trial but upon landing the wood beneath him splintered and Jones fell into the water.[1]

The kraken dragged him beneath the waves. Though he could not kill it, Jones managed to wound the creature badly enough to chase the kraken away with a sharp fragment of driftwood. Impressed at his surviving the encounter, the Sea Witch - who herself had lost an eye to the animal years before - decided to give Jones safe passage.[1]



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