"We do not have a deal yet, Herr Belloq. You told me this text held the lost secrets of the greatest warriors the world has ever know. I require proof."

Krause was Nazi official, who was a potential buyer of the Uppsala Scroll. He was starting to go bald and gray, but sported a full, dark moustache.

In 1930, he and several Nazi soldiers traveled to Marrakesh to acquire the Uppsala Scroll from René Belloq. Meeting in a darkened building with Belloq, Krause sought proof that the scroll's powers were real. Belloq produced a powder, developed using the scroll's information, that could create "Odin's Men" - beserkers, and one of Krause's men, Veidt stepped up to sample it. Krause watched as Veidt transformed into a raging muscular madman, and then shot the beserker after he attacked a merchant. Agreeing to Belloq's price, Krause was about to close the deal when Indiana Jones slipped in and stole the scroll and escaped. Krause ordered his men to pursue and managed the manhunt. When Jones was found in a dead-end alley by one of his soldiers, Krause and Belloq soon arrived. Belloq handed over the scroll to Krause, who examined it and revealed it as a Torah. Jones revealed that he had slipped the real scroll to Theresa Lawrence, who had been disguised as a belly dancer in the street. Discouraged by the loss of the scroll, Krause gave Jones an extra punch to the face, and then left with Belloq.

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