LEGO Indiana Jones: Escape from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! is a LEGO Indiana Jones comic that was published in LEGO Club Magazine's November/December 2008 issue.

While non-canonical, the story takes place after the Interdimensional beings' saucer departs Akator at the close of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Plot summaryEdit

Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, their son Mutt Williams, and Harold Oxley depart from the flooded ruins of Akator and make their way back to civilization. Jones and Ravenwood are separated from Mutt and Oxley traveling by tree vine, and instead hijack a Jungle Cutter repaired by two Russians.

The pair run into Colonel Antonin Dovchenko, armed with a bazooka, who has survived his confrontation with the siafu. However, Dovchenko misfires and flees into the jungle when Jones points out that the ants are following him. The Jungle Cutter then breaks down but Jones and Ravenwood stumble upon a Duck to continue their journey down a crocodile infested river. Soviets pursue them in a boat until Jones uses his whip to trap the men under a net so Jones and Ravenwood are able to make their escape, with Mutt close behind swinging with some monkeys.




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