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The LEGO Indiana Jones products are a group of eight playsets, four of which are based on the classic movies [1]:

Classic Indy LEGO.jpg
Name Product Number
Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase 7620
Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb 7621
Race For the Stolen Treasure 7622
Temple Escape 7623

There are also four other sets based on the fourth movie.

Crystal Skull LEGO.jpg
Name Product Number
Jungle Duel 7624
River Chase 7625
Jungle Cutter 7626
Temple of the Crystal Skull 7627

Peril in Peru (Toys 'R Us exclusive) || 7628 (not yet released)}


The first set, Motorcycle Chase, includes Indy, his father and a "German" guard, with two motorcycles (one with a side car) a small post, some boxes, and a flag pole. Strangely, the Well of Souls is named the Lost Tomb, though it was not a tomb at all! It includes Indy and Marion, plenty of snakes, and breakable walls. The next set, Race for the Stolen Treasure, includes three "German" guards, a cargo truck, a jeep, Indy, a horse and a golden chest as the ark. The final set, Temple Escape, is based on the iconic Peruvian temple with the famous rolling boulder. Also included are Indy, Satipo, Belloq, Jock the pilot with a plane, and skeletons.

The sets for the fourth film have been revealed only recently. The River Chase involves Indy, Marion, and an amphibious vehicle. It also includes a raft, a new dark green crocodile and tree outpost. The Jungle Duel is between Mutt and Spalko as Indy battles "giant ants near the breakable table, food supplies and tent". Indy and Mutt have a jungle hideout while evading a soldier in a Jungle Cutter and the evil captain Dovchenko, and Indy has a bazooka to stop it in its tracks. The climax of the film in the Temple of the Crystal Skull includes many tricks, traps, and playability. Indy and Mutt must solve the puzzles of the temple before Spalko does. The final set, Peril in Peru, includes a few Russian vehicles, a captured Indy, Mutt, Spalko, Dovchenko and Russian soldier, as well as another eerie crystal skull!

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