Le Morte d'Arthur (The Death of Arthur in English) was a piece of literature in the Arthurian traidition, written by Thomas Malory that compiled many of the existing French and English stories of King Arthur and his Knights. One book of the work focuses on the search of the Holy Grail by Sir Galahad and other knights. Written in the mid fifteenth century, it was partially based on the older French work The Quest of the Holy Grail.

It was a work with which Grail scholar Henry Walton Jones, Sr. was familiar. In 1945, Jones quoted a description of a spear from the work to Brendan O'Neal, connecting it to the Spear of Longinus:

"With that, the knights heard the chamber door open, and there they saw angels' and two bore candles of wax, and the third a towel, and the fourth a spear which bled marvelously....and the two set the candles upon the table, and the third the towel upon the vessel, and the fourth the Holy Spear even upright upon the vessel."

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