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Leipzig is a large city in Saxony, in the eastern part of Germany. Founded in the middle ages, Leipzig became a center of law, learning and publishing. Napoleon's outward conquests were stopped with a major defeat in Leipzig in 1813, and later in the nineteenth century, the city became a major hub of Central European rail traffic. During World War II, Leipzig was heavily bombed by the Allies, and then captured by American forces.

In 1957, when faced with being placed on leave by Marshall College, Indiana Jones thought he could find a teaching job in Leipzig, as a repayment of a big favor owed to him by Heinrich.

Behind the scenes[]

After World War II, Leipzig was turned over to the Soviets as part of their occupied zone of Germany, which became East Germany. It seems unlikely that an American professor would be able to get a professorship in Communist East Germany in 1957 without defecting and becoming a Communist.


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