Leo Stein was an American art collector and critic, and older brother of Gertrude Stein. In 1904, the siblings opened a gallery in Paris, where she showed many modern pieces, including works by Renoir, Picasso, Cezanna and Mattisse. Among their social circle included Pablo Picasso, Fernande Olivier, and Georges Braque. In 1912, the Steins parted ways, with Leo eventually moving to Italy, and their art collection was divided among them.

In September 1908, Leo Stein was a guest at a party thrown by Picasso in the upstairs of Le Lapin Agile for Henri Rousseau. Also attending this party was his sister, her life partner Alice B. Toklas, and a young Indiana Jones.

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Ludek Nesleha played Leo Stein in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: "Paris, September 1908".

In Passion for Life, though the character is mentioned in the credits, no person is readily identified in the episode as being Leo Stein, or matching the appearance of the actor, Ludek Nesleha. It could be that scenes involving Leo Stein were cut from the final version.

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