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Some lettermen at Arnie's Diner

The lettermen were a team of football players of Marshall College in Bedford, Connecticut. They usually wore khaki chino trousers and the Marshall College letterman jacket.


In 1957, a group of lettermen was present in Arnie's Diner when Indiana Jones went there together with Mutt Williams. When Jones and Mutt were forced by the KGB agents to leave the Diner, Jones told Mutt to hit one of the lettermen into the face. Mutt did it, and the letterman went down. As a reaction, Mutt was hit himself first by the letterman's girlfriend and than by another letterman which sent him flying into a group of greasers who also were present in the Diner. One of the other lettermen shouted: "Get that greaser!". Mutt shattered a glass jar on the head of still another letterman, whereupon a fight broke out between the lettermen and the greasers. In the mayhem, Mutt and Jones escaped to the Diner's door. In order to mislead the KGB agents, Jones put the hat he was wearing onto the head of a letterman wearing glasses.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Stuntmen as lettermen

Colin Follenweider, Bryan Thompson and another actor (f.r.t.l.) dressed up as lettermen.

Some of the lettermen were portrayed by people who otherwise acted as stuntmen in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Only two of the lettermen actors were indicated in the movie's end credits:

The following lettermen actors were not credited:


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