The Liabon (or Laibon) was the title of the medicine man and spiritual leader in the Maasai culture of Kenya (formerly British East Africa). There was a old Liabon who lived in the Kirinyaga area.

In September 1909, when Meto and his new friend Indiana Jones were looking for the Fringe-Eared Oryx, one of the women in the village directed them to seek out the Liabon. A group of villagers accompanied Meto and Indy to where the Liabon was seated out in the savanna, under a large tree. The villagers explained to the Liabon that Indy was looking for the oryx, and the Liabon responded by drawing a picture of a root melon in the dirt. Even though Indy was not fluent in Masai, he eventually understood that the root melon was the food of the oryx, and to find the oryx, he would have to find where the root melons were. Indy shook the Liabon's hand and headed off to find Meto, who had left during the explanation.

The Liabon's wisdom was correct - the next morning, Meto and Indy found the oryx by finding where the root melons could be found.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The role of Liabon was played by Naini Ole Meshesh in the episode "British East Africa, September 1909" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

While the role is listed as "Liabon" in Passion for Life, the correct Maasai spelling for their term for medicine man or ruler is "Laibon". The correct spelling is used in the comic adaptation, and on the Young Indy trading cards.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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