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Lima is the capital and largest city in Peru. Located next to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is in a central location of the country. Founded by Spanish conquistadors in 1535, it served as the most important city under Spanish colonization and became the capital when Peru achieved independence.

Lima is home to many museums, churches, the University of San Marcos, and Universidad Municipal de Lima.

Adventures in Lima[]

Julio Huertas was a professor at the University of San Marcos before being exiled for his political activism against the government.[1]

In 1937, after their adventure seeking the Chimu Taya Arms, Indiana Jones and Francisca Uribe Del Arco had dinner in Lima, where Jones experienced a possible encounter with Viracocha.[1]

In 1941, Indiana Jones had gotten permission from Peruvian officials in Lima for his expedition to the Incan Shrine.[2]


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