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The Limestone Tablet depicted a Nubian archer named Nenu, according to its inscription, and was about four thousand years old.

In 1939, Indiana Jones found the tablet in an alcove inside the tunnel that led to the back entrance of the Nubian pyramid. The alcove was blocked by a thick spider web, and contained human skeletons.

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The fortune point corresponding to the Limestone tablet can be found in a web-covered alcove in the tunnel leading to the Sudan Temple, prior to the spider-covered bridge, in the Wii/PS2 version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, and is noted as the second fortune in the journal for Sudan.

The limestone tablet is based on an actual artifact, it was an Egyptian grave marker found in Gebelein in Upper Egypt. It is known as the "Stela of the Nubian soldier Nenu", or "The Stela of Nenu".


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