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This is the list of all the artifacts that Indiana Jones encountered in his adventures.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles / The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones[]

Tomb of Terror[]

The Ghostly Riders[]

The Secret City[]

Face of the Dragon[]

  • Lung

Genesis Deluge[]

Indiana Jones Adventures: Volume 1[]

Curse of the Invincible Ruby[]

Philosopher's Stone[]

The Dinosaur Eggs[]

  • Knife of Genghis Khan
  • Crystal Skull of Cozan

The Hollow Earth[]

  • Crystal Skull of Cozan

Secret of the Sphinx[]

The Emperor's Tomb[]

The Temple of Doom []

Raiders of the Lost Ark[]

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones[]

Arms of Gold[]

The Last Crusade[]

Thunder in the Orient[]

Staff of Kings[]

Fate of Atlantis[]

The Golden Fleece[]

Spear of Destiny[]

Iron Phoenix[]

  • Philosopher's Stone

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull[]