Loraine Beitelheimer was the goddaughter of Marcus Brody.


Loraine was the child of a close college friend of Marcus Brody. Brody then served as her godparent.

Attending art school in Switzerland, Loraine met Hans Beitelheimer, the man she would eventually marry. They were together for six years when she was killed in a landslide while out skiiing but her body was never recovered.

The devastated Hans decided to retreat from the world and went to live in relative seclusion on the Chilean island of Chiloé for the remainder of his days.

Behind the scenesEdit

Loraine Beitelheimer was created by author Rob MacGregor for Indiana Jones and the Interior World. The World of Indiana Jones later established Hans Beitelheimer, Loraine's husband, as the brother-in-law of Marcus Brody potentially indicating that Brody's goddaughter married his wife Elizabeth's brother. Or it could suggest an unusual scenario in which Brody was godfather to his own sister with his "close college friend" actually being one of his parents.


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