Lothar von Richthofen was Baron Manfred von Richthofen's younger brother.

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Lothar von Richthofen enjoyed riding horses and hunting as well as gymnastics at school. He excelled at parallel bars and won a number of awards at school. He and his brothers hunted wild boar, elk, birds and deer. During the World War I, he joined his brothers in flying service.

One morning of February in 1917, he was shot at by Charles Nungesser of Lafayette Escadrille but survived, and managed to fly his plane home. Later that same day, he received Indiana Jones as a guest (and prisoner), captured by his brother. He explained to Jones that the Baron lived to hunt and Goering added that the newspapers compared them to knights adorned with colorful scarves with the fighter planes their steeds. Manfred asked Indy if he knew Nungesser and informed him that he felt obliged to avenge Lothar. Indy watched as von Richthofen wrote a challenge for Nungesser to aerial combat, which Lothar delivered himself, flying above Lafayette.

The next morning the two pilots dueled above the castle at St. Quentin and Indy was the photographer who would immortalize Nungesser's victory. The next day Lothar provided his brother with a newspaper showcasing Indy's photograph, and Manfred told him that next time he would shoot the cameramen first, so that he could deprive his rivals the pleasure of filming his death.

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