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Louis Henri Whoever-else-he-was was a native of Haiti fond of rum, who served as a spy and information broker in Port-au-Prince, loyal to those who could pay. He went by the name Henri when dealing with Edwin Gruber, whose cover was that of a Dutch sisal buyer, and went by the name Louis when dealing with Yamada Hajime, whose cover was that of a Chinese scholar.

In the summer of 1943, Louis/Henri/Whoever had discovered that two foreigners had arrived in Port-au-Prince, going by Jones and Mac, inquiring about how to reach Zile Muri-yo. He took this information to Gruber first, then to Yamada, who rewarded him with a bottle of rum.

The next day, after the two archaeologists Jones and Mac had left town with Marie Arnoux, Louis/Henri/Whoever reported the news to Yamada, who asked him not to inform Gruber, and paid him off with the rest of the case of rum. Louis/Henri/Whoever went to Gruber with nothing to report, but Gruber, knowing of the previous meeting with Yamada, drew his pistol on Henri, and received a confession that the two archaeologists had left town. Believing that Gruber was sparing his life, he relaxed and turned when Gruber shot him in the head and left his body in the alleyway.

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