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"I'm told that there are eight miles of galleries in the Louvre. I've spent weeks roaming through them, and I haven't seen all of them by a long shot."
Norman Rockwell[src]

The Louvre is one of the world's foremost art museums. Located in Paris, France, it is home to 35,000 pieces of art, spanning from early civilization to the contemporary period. Originally built as a fortress, and later expanded into a palace, it was not until the French Revolution that the buildings and the artworks it held became a public museum.

Adventures with the Lourve[]

In September 1908, as part of his education, Indiana Jones went to the museum with his tutor, Miss Seymour. While viewing Leonardo da Vinci's painting, Mona Lisa, Jones made the acquaintance of another American boy, Norman Rockwell, who was sketching the masterpiece. Guided by Miss Seymour, the two friends continued around the museum, where Rockwell was interested in the realism of some of the paintings, such as the nose on Old Man with a Young Boy, and Jones quickly got bored with Impressionist pieces, even ones by Edgar Degas. Sensing that the boys had had their fill of great art, Miss Seymour took them to a puppet show.[1]

Early in his career, René Emile Belloq worked for the museum as assistant curator, acquiring artifacts for its collection, but within a year he was fired following controversy over financing the looting of a site in Persia that resulted in the deaths of several Louvre employees and a British archaeologist.[2] By 1930, his association with the museum was long finished.[3]

By 1938, a Louvre sculpture, presumably lost, was found in the vault of Castle Brunwald.

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