Lowell Thomas was an American journalist who followed Edith Wharton in Morocco in 1917.


Lowell Thomas met Edith Wharton in Morocco in 1917, while she and Indiana Jones were shopping for trinkets, and joined their expedition. One night, while camping, he was surprised to hear that Jones was a friend of "Lawrence of Arabia" and inquired to learn more about Lawrence's personal life.

Wharton and Thomas verbally sparred over meals regarding Thomas' perceived role in providing heroes to the public and the public's right to know about celebrities' lives. When Thomas equated Wharton's character's private scenes to the public's right to know, Wharton reminded Thomas that her works and characters were fictional, not journalism.

He traveled with the party until Hidron, where he witnessed Indy uncovering a traitor supplying Berber rebels with French weapons. As they made their goodbyes, Thomas promised that he wouldn't write about Wharton's visit to Hidron.

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Lowell Thomas was played by actor Evan Richards in Tales of Innocence.

Thomas was notable for his coverage of T.E. Lawrence during World War I. His early interest in Lawrence was dramatized in his dialogue with Indy.



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