Mérida is the city on the northern part of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, and the capital, cultural and financial hub of the Mexican province of Yucatán. Built on the site of a Mayan city, Mérida has many Spanish colonial buildings and museums. It is located about 45 miles north of the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal. The consultate of the United States is located near the Parque del Centenario.

Adventures in MéridaEdit

In 1939, Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood traveled to Mérida to find Charles Sternhart, a member of the Jastro expedition. After showing him an Atlantean horned idol at his antiques store, he took them out to some Mayan ruins with an Atlantean connection. After Sternhart abandoned the pair at the ruins and took their horses, Jones and Hapgood walked back to town, where Jones received a cable via the consulate with their next destination in the search for Atlantis: Leningrad.

In the summer of 1941, Indiana Jones and Bert Brodowski flew to Mérida after escaping the Akashic Hall of Records at the Pyramid of the Sorcerer at Uxmal, and defeating the Nazi spy Nichols. Brodowski rented a fancy suite in a hotel near the consulate and went shopping, using up the payment from Jones for her flights all over Central America. Jones met up with Colonel Musgrove at the hotel and Musgrove, still recovering from a gunshot by Nichols in Panama, apologized for dragging Jones into the Hall of Records misadventure. Mentioning that the Nazis would still be in search of the Hall of Records, Musgrove asked Jones again for his assistance. After Musgrove's departure, Jones met up with Brodowski in her suite and gave her the predicted scores and winners of the 1941 World Series as a future moneymaker: the New York Yankees.

Behind the scenesEdit

While Mérida is not explicitly mentioned in the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis comic, it is the only town in the Yucatán Peninsula with a US consulate, which is mentioned.


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