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The M.P. in Guard Hut was a member of the US Military Police stationed at Hangar 51 in 1957.


In 1957, the M.P. in Guard Hut was assigned to serve as a security guard at Hangar 51, located in Nevada. That same year, during a lockdown period due to weapons testing, he was at the front gate.

One day, American soldiers arrived at the base, apparently led by a man called Truman. The M.P. tried to explain to them that they were in a restricted area and that they couldn't pass. However, this didn't serve, because the M.P. was gunned down when Truman's men, actually Soviet soldiers, opened fire on all the base guards. His body was then dragged away from the guard hut entrance.

Behind the scenes[]

The M.P. in Guard Hut was portrayed by Kevin Collins in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Collins also served as the technical advisor (military) for the film. In the film, he wears the uniform of the US Air Force's Air Police.

Since no names are given for the policemen on guard in the movie, it remains unclear whether the M.P. in Guard Hut is identical to one of the MPs Higgins and Mitchell who appear in the film's novelization.

In LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, the MPs survive their encounter with the Soviets and are taken hostage. They are later forced to flee Hangar 51.