The Maasai village was located in the Kirinyaga district[1] of British East Africa, not far from Mount Kenya. Like many Maasai settlements, it was made from local materials, and had pens for cattle and other livestock within a defensive barricade of thorny brush, to prevent outside predators from attacking the livestock.

Meto lived in this village, and tended goats on the hillsides near the village.

In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt's expedition to collect animal specimens for American museums traveled to Kirinyaga, and set up camp on a hilltop not far from the village. In September, the Jones family came to the camp, and Meto often tended his goats on the slopes of the hill nearby.

After introducing himself to Meto, Indiana Jones followed his new friend back to the village where they used Indy's new binoculars to view the inhabitants and their livestock. Later, they set off to watch the wildlife on the grasslands and at a watering hole. A few days later, Meto brought Indy back to the village with his drawing of a Fringe-Eared Oryx. Inside one of the huts, a village woman directed the boys to seek out the Liabon to help them find the oryx. Several of the villagers accompanied the boys from the settlement to where the Liabon was found under a tree in the savanna.

Indiana Jones made a drawing of a woman and a dog in the village and notations about village life in his journal[2].

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  1. The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones identifies the village as being in Kirinyaga. The Trading Card Set identifies Meto as being Maasai (Masai).
  2. The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones
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