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Maleiwa was a tall, muscular Wayua military leader of the interior world beneath the Earth's crust who wanted to create an army to rule the world, both the interior and the exterior with the power of the alicorn.


In 1928, Indiana Jones thought he had disposed of the alicorn, an artifact built from the horn of a unicorn, but unwittingly transported into the interior world, a realm below the Earth's crust where science did not obey the same laws as abovegrond. Maleiwa claimed it and used the relic to build his power, planning to manipulate Adolf Hitler into assisting his plans for global supremacy.

However, Indiana Jones discovered the interior world for himself a year later and eventually thwarted Maleiwa's plans. Their fight culminated in a brawl on top of the Statue of Liberty in New York City which saw Jones emerge victorious when Maleiwa fell to his death.

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