The Man in Yellow Turban was a buyer at a 1908 slave auction in Morocco where Indiana Jones and his friend Omar were being sold. He entered into a bidding war for ownership of Jones with a disguised Walter Harris – who was there to rescue the boy – but eventually lost out.

When it was time for bidding to begin on Omar, the turban-clad buyer saw that the same man who had taken Jones from him was involved so he tried to acquire Omar for himself. Harris, having used most of his money on Jones, was running out when Jones improvised by loudly telling his 'master' that Omar was mute and as such not worth the price he was trying to pay. Playing along, Harris chastised his slave for not telling him sooner, tricking the man in the yellow turban into conceding to Harris in an attempt to humiliate him.

He followed Harris, Jones and Omar when they left and saw that he had been misled. He sent men after the three but they escaped on horseback.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Man in Yellow Turban was played by Abdellatif Chegra.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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