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The Marhala Bar was a bar and hookah joint in the Old Quarter of Cairo, Egypt.


In 1936, Indiana Jones retreated to the Marhala Bar when he believed Marion Ravenwood killed in a truck explosion in the city's marketplace. While drinking outside the bar, accompanied only by the Capuchin monkey, Jones was approached by a German-speaking man and his associate and was told that a man in the bar wanted to speak with him. Jones took his nearly-empty bottle and the monkey and went with the first man into the bar.[1]

After seeing if his meeting was with an Arab, Jones found René Belloq smoking a hookah. Belloq was unhappy to hear of Ravenwood's loss, and compared Jones to himself - very similar. The monkey left Jones to sit with his master. When Jones brought up Belloq's Nazi association, Belloq said that Hitler would get the Ark of the Covenant after Belloq was done with it. Belloq believed the Ark to be a way to directly communicate with God. Meanwhile, the German agent watched the conversation, and had guns slip in position around Jones.[1]

When Jones decided to reach for his pistol on Belloq, the German agent and the Arab clientele responded immediately with guns out. Unable to get his pistol out, Jones was at their mercy until he was rushed by Sallah el-Kahir's nine children. Forming a protective shield around him, the children led the archaeologist from the bar to where Sallah awaited him outside. On the way out, Jones scooped up the monkey. The bar's patrons followed Jones out, laughing at the sight of a grown man hiding behind children.[1]

Outside the bar, Sallah met up with Jones. Jones helped get the children into Sallah's truck while Sallah outlined the next steps. Meanwhile, the monkey understood hand signals sent by his master, astride a motorcycle, to stay with Jones.[1]

Jones kept a sketch of Ravenwood he had made on one of the bar's napkins and placed it inside his journal.[2]



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