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"I could get two dozen pieces like that for half the price at any tent in Tangiers."
"Then why don't you go there and buy from them.
―Indiana Jones and the merchant[src]

The Marrakesh merchant was a gray-bearded man who sold rings and other jewelry from a tent in Marrakesh, Morocco. He wore a green headwrap and robes.

In 1930, Indiana Jones, in a local disguise, stopped in his tent and pretended to haggle with the merchant. In reality, Jones was watching René Belloq as he came to sell the Uppsala Scroll to his Nazi buyers. Later, as Jones continued to spy on the deal inside, one of Krause's men had started to become transformed into a belligerant muscular beserker and came out into the merchant's tent. Shrieking in fear, the merchant cowered as the mad Veidt began to attack him with his bare hands. The attack only ended when Krause, satisfied with the test of the scroll's powers, shot the transformed Veidt. It is not known whether the merchant survived the violent attack.

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