Marseilles (or Marseille) is a major city in France, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southern France. It is the oldest city and main seaport of France.

Marseilles was the hometown of René Emile Belloq, a rival archaeologist of Indiana Jones.

Adventures in Marseilles[edit | edit source]

In 1914, a masked crimelord established in charge of the Marseilles underworld, and began his search for Crown of the Rom, kidnapping a young Indiana Jones in his quest.

During World War I, it was the home of Nicole, the wife of a soldier who fought in the Battle of Verdun.

In 1933, Indiana Jones tried to break into the Forteresse Malevil, where René Emile Belloq was planning on trading the Crystal Skull of Cozan to Franz Kroeger. Jones was captured by two of Belloq's henchmen, Jean and Claude Daguerre, but later escaped. Kroeger took the skull and left the city in Wagner's submarine, U-357, which destroyed Belloq's ancestral home.

In 1936, Belloq met up with Herman Dietrich in Marseilles before the two traveling to meet Adolf Hitler in Germany to discuss the Tanis dig.

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