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Marshall College was a university in Bedford, Connecticut. It was one of the schools where Indiana Jones taught as a professor of archaeology. Marcus Brody served as Dean of Students and was later succeeded by Charles Stanforth.

The college had its own museum, which was a branch of the National Museum.[2] Brody also served as curator of the museum and paid for many of the minor artifacts that Jones retrieved on his expeditions. The college was governed by a Board of Regents.


In 1772,[3] the institute that would become Marshall College started as a prep school. In 1853, the school received a collegiate charter and renamed itself after one of its generous patrons, Frederic Marshall,[2] when it was upgraded from a prep school to a college by wealthy Connecticut industrialists.[4] In 1856, the Marshall College Library building was constructed.[5] Originally a male single-sex school, the college later became coeducational.[4]

Indiana Jones was teaching at Marshall College as early as 1925. By 1933, he had switched to Princeton University,[6] but had returned to Marshall College by 1935.

Indiana Jones teaching Archaeology 101.

In 1936, Jones's performance as a professor for archaeology was evaluated by Charles Kennedy.[6]

Jones was teaching Archaeology 101 when the college received some US government visitors: Major Eaton and Colonel Musgrove. Meeting in a large classroom, they enlisted Jones' help in tracking down the whereabouts of Abner Ravenwood, in a search to prevent the Nazis from finding the Ark of the Covenant.

By 1938, Jones had left Marshall College for Barnett College, but by the 1950s, had returned to the Archaeology Department at Marshall.

In 1957, after the FBI considered Professor Jones a person of interest and suspected him of being a Communist, the Board of Regents was pressured to fire him. Dean Stanforth stood up for Jones, and managed to secure for him a more graceful exit, but at the cost of his own resignation. After being terminated, Jones was set to leave town, but met Mutt Williams.

When Soviet agents chased Jones and Williams through the town, Williams drove his motorcycle through the campus to shake off the cars pursuing them. During the chase, they rode through the campus quad where an anti-Communist rally was being held. One of the cars chasing them got hit by protest signs caricaturing Communist leaders like Nikita Khrushchev, and blinded, crashed into a statue of the late Marcus Brody. The statue's head broke off, landing in the lap of the driver.

Mutt and Jones riding through the library

To avoid the second car, Williams drove up the steps into the Marshall College Library, where he skidded to stop, scaring students and sliding under tables. One student was not easily perturbed by the arrival of the two, and simply asked Professor Jones for guidance with his assignment. Jones' response was to get out of the library and go do field work. The pursuing car, unable to enter the library, fled the scene when police sirens were heard.

Later that year, Jones' role in stopping the Soviet plot to find the Crystal Skull of Akator cleared his reputation, and the college reinstated him and Stanforth, with Jones becoming an associate dean. While Jones' name and new title were being painted on his office door, Stanforth rushed through the building to his own office, to retrieve a Book of Common Prayer, which was needed at the wedding of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood.

Faculty and students of Marshall College[]

A portrait of former Dean of Students, Marcus Brody


Students of Jones in 1957

Locations within Marshall College[]

Layout of the Marshall College campus circa 1936.

Behind the scenes[]

Marshall College is named in honor of Frank Marshall, a regular collaborator with Spielberg and a producer on the Indiana Jones series. When the college scenes were originally shot for Raiders of the Lost Ark, there was no perceived need to name it, but when the novelization was being written, author Campbell Black needed to call the school something, so Marshall College was conceived. Marshall himself forgot this until, when the film crew returned to shoot the college scenes for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he began seeing his name everywhere.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the establishing shot of the College is the exterior of the Faye Spanos Concert Hall in the University of the Pacific Conservatory, with the interior classroom filmed at Rickmansworth Masonic School in Hertfordshire, England.[12]

External shots of the Marshall College campus were filmed at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, during July 2007 for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Yale Commons was turned into the Marshall College library interior setting while the entrance to the Sterling Memorial Library served as the Marshall College library entrance. William L. Harkness Hall was used for the archaeology lecture hall and corridor. The Old Campus quad was used for the protest and car crash scene, and Branford College was also used for some of the campus shots. The establishing shot is once again the Faye Spanos Concert Hall as the footage from Raiders was edited and re-used to depict the building over two decades later.[13] As a result, the very same students from the first film's 1936 setting can be seen outside during Crystal Skull in 1957.

Images in the film bearing the university's coat of arms implicate that Marshall College was established in 1772. Although illegible in the movie itself, the wording can be read in the film's "making of" feature on the DVD and Blu-ray.

There did exist a real Marshall College in 1936, in Huntington, West Virginia. Known today as Marshall University, Marshall was a college until 1961 when it was granted university status which later became the setting of the movie, We Are Marshall.



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