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The Marshall College Library of Bedford, Connecticut's Marshall College was the end point of a motorcycle chase in which Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams were pursued by KGB agents.


The Marshall College Library was established in 1856.[1]

In 1957, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams were secretly followed by KGB agents when they journeyed from Bedford train station to Arnie's Diner. As soon as Mutt showed the letter of the missing Harold Oxley to Jones, two of the armed agents approached their table and encouraged them to accompany them out of the diner quietly. Mutt initiated a fight between the lettermen and greasers present in the diner which allowed him and Jones to escape on Mutt's motorcycle. They were, however, followed by two cars of KGB agents and chased across the campus of the Marshall College. In order to escape the larger vehicles, Mutt drove up the stairs leading to the entrance of the library.[2]


Mutt and Jones riding through the library

When they sped through the library, the students inside scattered. Jones admonished Mutt for driving too fast but Mutt dismissed it as a matter of opinion. A book-carrying student saw them too late and screamed. Mutt yelled too and his attempt to avoid the student tipped the bike onto its side and the velocity carried the motorcycle, Mutt and Jones along the floor. They slid under several tables before they were slowed by the chair of another student.[2]

While Mutt got back onto his bike, the student used the opportunity to ask Jones a question about Hargrove's normative culture models. Retaking his position sat behind Mutt, Jones recommended that the student read Vere Gordon Childe instead because he had spent much of his life in the field. When Mutt headed for the exit, Jones shouted final advice over the engine that to be a good archaeologist, the student needed to get out of the library. From there, the two drove on to Jones's home where Jones deciphered Oxley's letter.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Marshall College Library was named in James Rollins' Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull novelization. However, the earlier Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook had established the Burke J. Carter Library on the campus of Marshall College. Whether the two libraries are one and the same or separate buildings has not been revealed.



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