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General Masashi Kyojo was a commanding officer in the Japanese Imperial Army.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1938, Masashi Kyojo was approached by a South African man named Theo Van Aaken, who informed the General that Indiana Jones was in search of Covenant of Buddha. Kyojo believed that he could claim the Covenant for Japan, which could greatly aid Japan's "friendly" mission in Asia. Kyojo then shot Van Aaken in the neck, killing him.

Kyojo managed to track Jones to Afghanistan with the help of a Sherpa spy who had infiltrated Jones' camp. Kyojo then assigned Sergeant Itaki to kill Jones, in case he should get in their way. Itaki and the rest of Kyojo's men attempted to kill Jones at the Colossus of Bamian, but Kyojo realized the archaeologist could be useful in leading him to the Covenant, after his own sanskrit experts failed him. Instead, he directed a sniper to shoot Itaki, seconds before the sergeant could finish off Jones, and forces his experts to commit suicide for their failure.

Kyojo fingering his Nambu pistol, before it is snatched away by Indy's whip

Kyojo confronted Jones once again in China. Indiana escaped however, now aided by a small army of Chinese rebels led by Genral Serpent Lady.

Knowing that Jones and Serpent Lady were aboard a train headed for Hankow, Kyojo prepared to capture Jones and company at the train station, with the aid of Colonel Watanabe's forces. Only then did he learn that Jones had got off the train before it reached its intended destination. Kyojo located the temple where the Covenant was located regardless, but was met by Indiana Jones and Patar Kali. Kyojo tried to shoot Jones, but hit Kali instead. Jones tackled him, but Kyojo slammed Jones against the wall. Kyojo pulled out his katana, but before he could strike a killing blow, the archaeologist kicked him in the stomach, and the general was knocked unconscious with a punch to the face.

Afterwards, an earthquake hit the temple, and the Covenant disintegrated in the process. Jones attempted to drag Kyojo's body out with him, but the general was crushed by a falling statue of Buddha.

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