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Maya was an Arab double-agent during World War I whose true allegiance was to the Turks, though she managed to convince the Allies that she was loyal to them.


In 1917, Maya was chosen to be Indiana Jones' companion on a mission to Bersheeba, in which their task was to ensure that the city's wells remained intact for the attacking British and Australian soldiers to use. As Indy was disguised as a Syrian merchant, Maya took the appearance of a Bedouin woman, and as such she wasn't allowed to show her face to Jones. Maya asked Indy if they were heading to Gaza or Beersheba, but Indy told her that information was on a "need to know" basis and she'd be briefed when the time came.

The next day they camped in an oasis but were stopped by Bedouins who claimed that the pair had stolen their water. Indy tried to offer a compromise with his wares, but the chief Bedouin demanded a camel, and his woman. Maya told Indy that he had to obey and he was left alone on his camel. However, Maya drugged the Bedouins and stole their clothes while they slept. She caught up with Indy soon after.

Maya's belly-dancer disguise.

Their last obstacle was a rope bridge, which could not hold their camels. As Maya reached the other end, Indy was still only midway when they were assaulted by two Turk soldiers who Maya shot.[1]

When the pair finally arrived at Bersheeba, Maya posed as an Arab belly-dancer to avoid suspicion from Ismet Bey and Schiller. In reality, however, Maya had been a double-agent all along, and her true allegiance was to the Turks and Ismet Bey. When Jones tried to warn the Allies of a vast number of German troops waiting nearby at Gaza, Maya shot the letter-dove.[2]

A large battle broke out when the Australian and British horsemen attacked the city, which resulted in Maya getting shot in the shoulder.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Maya was played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in Daredevils of the Desert. Zeta-Jones would later play another femme fatale antagonist in another period adventure film The Phantom (which was written by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade writer Jeffrey Boam and directed by Simon Wincer, who directed her in Daredevils of the Desert).


Notes and references[]

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