Corporal McGuiness was a clean-cut American serviceman stationed at the US Army Air base in Río Hato, Panama, in 1941.

Adventures with Indiana JonesEdit

In 1941, a DC-2 stopped at the base, carrying Indiana Jones, Colonel Musgrove, and Major Nichols. McGuiness met Jones and Nichols at the plane, and escorted them to the main building where Jones planned to take shower and wash his clothes. McGuiness helped get Jones some towels and laundry supplies. Warning Jones about the slippery floor, McGuiness left Jones to his cleaning.

Hearing a commotion in the locker room, McGuiness arrived and called out for Jones. Jones called him in, and McGuiness and Nichols witnessed a struggle between Jones and an attacker in a sergeant's uniform. Nichols shot and killed the assassin. McGuiness and Nichols whisked Jones to the infirmary and summoned Musgrove. The serviceman remained outside the infirmary exam room and talked to a nurse when Nichols came out and announced that Jones was dead.

Later that day, Musgrove and Nichols returned to the base and needed military checkpoints set up throughout the vicinity, all the way to Panama City, searching for Jones, whose death had been a ruse, but had escaped their custody in Santa Clara. McGuiness brought the agents a report that outside Santa Clara, the roadblock had found an older man in a too-large sergeant's shirt driving a pickup. The man was brought in, and McGuiness and two MPs escorted him to Musgrove and Nichols, who recognized him as the same man that Jones had introduced as El Martillo. When El Martillo revealed that he had taken Jones to an airfield, McGuiness helped indentify the field as belonging to Bert Brodowski, before escorting the older man back off base.


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