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The Mediterranean Sea is a large body of water that borders Europe, Africa and Asia. It connects to the Atlantic Ocean to the west, south of Gibraltar, to the Black Sea in the northeast, and via the Suez Canal to the Red Sea to the southeast.

The Mediterranean is historically significant, as much of western civilization started in the lands around the sea, building up vast empires and trade networks through the use of marine travel. Some of these early civilizations include the Atlanteans, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Several sections of the Mediterranean Sea have their own names, including the Adriatic Sea between Italy and the Balkans, and the Aegean Sea, between Greece and Turkey.

Adventures in the Mediterranean Sea[]

The Jones family crossed the Mediterranean Sea for nine days to reach Egypt in 1908 at the start of Henry Jones, Sr.'s world lecture tour.[1]

In 1910, Indiana Jones, along with his father, mother, and tutor were passengers on a steam ship that came from the Black Sea port of Odessa through Constantinople, Thessalonike to disembark in Athens.[2]

In 1936, the Bantu Wind, carrying Jones, Marion Ravenwood and the Ark of the Covenant had set sail across the Mediterranean when it was intercepted by the Nazi submarine Wurrfler. The U-boat, carrying Ravenwood, the Ark, and a stowaway Jones, went to Geheimhaven, a secret German island base, where René Emile Belloq opened the Ark.[3]

In 1938, while escaping from some Nazi fighter planes, Jones and his father climbed down to the shores of the sea after losing their stolen car. The elder Jones used his umbrella to stir up the sea birds, causing the last plane to crash.[4]

In 1939, Jones and Sophia Hapgood traveled around the Mediterranean during their search for Atlantis, including stops in Monaco, Algeria, Crete, and Thera before locating the undersea ruins and battling with Klaus Kerner and Hans Ubermann for control of Atlantis' secrets.[5]

In 1941, Jones and Omphale Kiapos crash landed in the Aegean Sea while escaping Greece on their way to Istanbul. Later that year, Jones and Bert Brodowski crossed the Mediterranean aboard the Jenny.[6]

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"Hidden in Plain Sight", the 23rd card of Indiana Jones Heritage trading cards, erroneously identifies the Mediterranean Sea as an ocean.[7]



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