"I’m working undercover for the Chinese government monitoring the Black Dragon Triad."
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Mei Ying was a Chinese secret agent who worked with Indiana Jones while he was searching for the Heart of the Dragon for Marshall Kai Ti Chan.


In 1935, Mei Ying was introduced to Indiana Jones as Marshall Kai's assistant. Kai wanted Jones to look for the Mirror of Dreams, which, in the Emperor's Tomb, would lead him to the Heart of the Dragon, a relic said be able to possess the human mind.

Mei Ying reappeared to Jones while he was held hostage to Albrecht Von Beck, under the guise of a ninja-like savior. However, after throwing him the key to his chains, she once again disappeared. In the ruins of Belsaurius, after Jones fought the kraken, she appeared to him, willing to work with him. She revealed him she was a chinese secret agent, working to stop Marshall Kai, who wasn't the man he pretended to be: he was a crimelord, the leader of the Black Dragon Triad. Their meeting, however, was watched by the Feng Twins, Kai's bodyguards, revealing to him her treachery.

Mei Ying as seen in Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb

The pair traveled to Hong Kong, where a contact of hers, Wu Han, could lead them to Kai's fortress. However, a brawl started, and before he could get to her, Mei Ying was kidnapped by Von Beck, revealed now to work with Kai. He then brought her to Kai's fortress.

Later, Jones came to save her, only to fall into a trap. The next time he saw her, she was about to be sacrificed to Kong Tien, in order to recreate the Mirror of Dreams. Possessed by an evil entity, the two fought, but Indy was able to break the spell.

The two traveled then to Xian, where the Emperor's Tomb was. After having found the heart, Indy became possessed by it. Only Mei Ying's timely arrival was able to bring him back to reality. This wasn't over though, as Kai waited for them outside. Stealing the heart, he used it to incapacitate Mei Ying while summoning a dragon to fight Indy. After a hard battle, Kai was defeated and Mei Ying was released from the incapacitating spell.

The pair returned to Hong Kong with Wu Han and the pair decided to spend the night together before Mei Ying moved on to tackle the remnants of the Black Dragon Triad.

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