The cargo truck on the move.

This Mercedes-Benz LG3000 was a cargo truck and military vehicle used by the Nazis under the command of Colonel Dietrich. Following the destruction of the Flying Wing, Dietrich opted to drive the Ark to Cairo and fly it to Germany from there.

The Ark was loaded in the back with a contingent of seven soldiers to guard it, but during the drive, it was commandeered by Indiana Jones, who threw all of the soldiers out. During the ordeal, the truck sustained a variety of damages including, but not limited to: loss of the passenger's side door, loss of part of the back canvas, loss of the Mercedes hood ornament, partial damage to the truck's grill, and a broken windshield. However, it survived, and Jones successfully drove it to Cairo, where it was hidden from sight at Omar's Garage.

Behind the scenesEdit

The truck used in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a mockup built using a GMC CCKW. However, the Mercedes-Benz LG300 truck actually existed and was used by German forces during World War II. It was drawn in the Marvel Comics' comic book adaptation as a generic four-wheeled truck.

The primary cargo truck used in the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with the mounted poles capped with golf balls to aid stuntsmen, is on permanent display in the queue area of Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Disneyland.[1]

LEGO released a LEGO Indiana Jones set named "Race for the Stolen Treasure" which featured the truck along with the troop car.


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