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The cargo truck on the move.

The Mercedes-Benz LG3000 was a military cargo truck used by the Nazis during World War II.


Some of these trucks were used by Gestapo Agents in Prague in 1935 and again by the Wehrmacht on Peng Lai Island in China during the same year. [1]

A truck under the command of Colonel Dietrich, following the destruction of the Flying Wing, was used to drive the Ark to Cairo and fly it to Germany from there in 1936. The truck used by Dietrich had the Ark loaded in the back with a contingent of seven soldiers to guard it. During transport, it was hijacked by Indiana Jones, who threw all of the soldiers out. During the ordeal, the truck sustained a variety of damages including, but not limited to: loss of the passenger's side door, a torn back canvas, loss of the Mercedes hood ornament, partial damage to the truck's grill, and a broken windshield. However, it survived and Jones successfully drove it to Cairo, where it was hidden from sight at Omar's Garage.[2]

Many were used by German Desert Commandos in Sudan in 1939 and again by German Soldiers in South America in the same year to help them recover artifacts.[3]

Mercedes-Benz LG3000 SoK

Indy driving the truck.

One of the trucks in Sudan was hijacked by Indiana Jones who used the vehicle to smash through a watchtower and catch up to a World War I-era German Biplane taking off. He then commandeered the plane as the truck crashed.[3]


The truck was used by the Nazis to transport the Ark. Two Nazis drove the truck while some sat in the back with the Ark. The truck drove alongside a staff car, a gunner car, and a motorcycle with a side car. Jones used a horse to catch up with them and after opening the passenger's side door, threw one of the Nazis out and fought the other for control, causing one of the Nazis to fall out of the back and into the gunner car. The truck crashed through a construction site and Jones was able to punch the driver out after distracting him. The gunner car open fired at him, but Jones used the truck's immense strength to push it off the road and later knocked the motorcycle over. The gunner car caught up again, but Jones pushed it off the road again, this time sending it over a cliff. The Nazis in the back attempt to climb to the front to regain control of the truck, prompting Jones to drive near some trees to sweep them off, with the last one accidentally tearing off part of its canvas in the process. One of the two remaining Nazis manages to reach Jones and shot his arm through the passenger's side door; though injured, Jones managed to kick him off, causing the door to break off in the process. The last Nazi managed to regain control of the truck and throw Jones through the windshield. Jones manages to avoid being crushed between it and the staff car, breaking off the truck's hood ornament and part of its front grate in the process. After climbing his way around the bottom of the truck and using his whip to let himself being dragged along, he climbed back up through the back and returned to the driver's seat; Belloq unsuccessfully tried to warn the driver of this. Jones managed to take out the driver and throw him through the windshield. He tried to do the same thing Jones did to get back onboard, but failed and he was presumably killed after being flattened by the truck's back wheels. Now in full control of the truck and without any interference, Jones caught up to the staff car and pushed it off the road. Though victorious, Jones's arm was still badly injured. He drove the truck it Cairo and hid it inside a garage, which the people disguised as a store to hide it from the staff car as it caught up. It is unknown what happened to the truck afterwards.

Behind the scenes[]

The truck used in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a mock-up built using a GMC CCKW. However, the Mercedes-Benz LG300 truck was a real vehicle used by German forces during World War II. Unlike the movie, it was drawn in the Marvel Comics' comic book adaptation as a generic four-wheeled truck.[4]

The primary cargo truck used in the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with the mounted poles capped with golf balls to aid stuntmen, is on permanent display in the queue area of Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Disneyland.[5]

LEGO released a LEGO Indiana Jones set named "Race for the Stolen Treasure" which featured the truck along with the troop car.[6]



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