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The Messerschmitt Bf-109 was a single seat German fighter plane flown by the Nazi Luftwaffe. It is often credited as one of the best fighters of World War II.


In 1935, Indiana Jones encountered many Messerschmitts while traveling up Peng Lai Island to reach Black Dragon Fortress using the extensive gondola system on the island. Squadrons of Messerschmitts attacked Indy and he used a mounted machine gun to fend them off. Indy would later use more guns to take out Messershmitts as they took off from the airstrip on the island and again when he used the gondola the reach the Fortress.[1]

In 1939, Indiana Jones encountered more Messerschmitts during his search for the Staff of Kings. While in Sudan, Indy flew in a World War I-era German biplane to escape from the German Desert Commandos. The Germans flew into a canyon and tried to shoot Indy down however they either were shot down by him or crashed into the canyon. Indy found more Messershmitts while on board the Odin. He had a fire fight with some German Marines in the hanger bay of the Odin. Indy nearly fell off the Odin at one point but held onto a Messershmitt and shot the marines shooting at him before pulling himself back onto the airship. Some Messershmitts fell of the Odin and crashed into the Bay of Bengal when Magnus Völler activated the Staff of Kings. Indy encountered two types of Messerschmitts during his quest for the Staff. A single seat one and a two-seater version that allowed the plane to engage enemy planes behind it.[2]

Indy German Fighter Plane

Indy climbs over a Messerschmitt

Around that same year, Indy and his father chased a pair of stolen artifacts through the jungles of South America while battling Nazi soldiers. The final part of their adventure saw them stealing a German biplane from a Nazi airbase and they took it through some narrow valleys to catch up to the pieces with which the Germans sought to finance the Nazi war effort. They battled with Messershmitts as they flew through the valleys, shooting down some small zeppelins in the process. The Joneses encountered the D-LZ 127 zeppelin lifting a giant golden idol from its temple. Indy and his father were able to destroy the zeppelin with their vehicle while evading Messershmitts and fly to safety. Indy only encountered the two-seater version while in South America.[3]

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Nazi fighter1

Nazi fighter coming in for an attack.

Different examples of aircraft are used to describe the pair of planes which pursue Indiana Jones and his father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade depending on the source. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives identifies them as Pilatus P-2 where Indy identifies them as "Messerschmitt" in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure hint book. In Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide, the label of Messerschmitt Stuka is used.

The Messerschmitts have different roles depending on the version of the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings game. They only appear on the Wii and PS2 versions of the game. They are replaced by the Odin biplane on the PSP and DS.

Historically, no German zeppelin was ever equipped to carry airplanes, though two American dirigibles, the USS Akron and the USS Macon, were, however they could only carry biplanes and not monoplanes.

Two-seater Messerschmitt

A two-seater Messerschmitt taking of in South America

Historically, there was only a single seat version, never a two-seater version.



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