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Indy alongside the Villastas.

The Mexican Revolution was a violent political upheaval in Mexico. The Revolution occurred as a result of Francisco I. Madero leading an uprising against the military dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz in 1910, resulting in Madero ascending to power from 1911 to 1913. However, the military ousted Madero in 1913, allowing Victoriano Huerta , general of the armed forces, to seize power. However, blockades by the American military resulted in weapons shortages and, threatened by further revolution, Huerta fled to Spain.

After Huerta's resignation and abdication, Venustiano Carranza came to power, but his revolutionary comrade, Pancho Villa, continued the revolution, and, at the Convention of Aguascalientes , Carranza and Villa broke their ties, creating further instability. Subsequently, Villa and another revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata, began attacks on the military of Mexico and Carranza's government. Villa's later resentment of U.S. support for Carranza's regime resulted in the deaths of American miners who'd been aboard a train hijacked by Villa's rebels, and a later attack on the U.S. border city of Columbus, New Mexico, which would result in U.S. involvement in Mexico from 1916-1917, during which time relations with the Carranza government also soured, partially as a result of the Zimmerman Letters.

The Mexican Revolution and its aftermath would continue well into the 1920's, even after Pancho Villa's death in 1923.[1]

Adventures in the Mexican Revolution[]

Indiana Jones briefly participated in the Mexican Revolution, riding alongside Pancho Villa. Captured by Villa's men after their after Villa's attack on Columbus, New Mexico at age 16, Jones was spared execution by Villa himself, and later joined the Villistas. After an encounter with an old man in a pueblo, and hearing of the war in Europe, he realized that the Mexican Revolution wasn't really his cause, and left with Remy Baudouin, but after retrieving an an old artifact from a former adversary.[2]



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