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Military Police at Hangar 51

The Military Police is a police organization of the military of a state. In the United States of America, each branch of the military has a military police force of its own.


In 1957, a group of Military Policemen kept guard at the front gate of Hangar 51 which had been evacuated due to an impending nuclear test. When a convoy of Soviet Special Forces disguised as American soldiers appeared at the gate, the sergeant leading the M.P. group told them that the hangar was closed. Antonin Dovchenko appeared under the guise of an American Colonel "Truman", but the sergeant told him that this order would also go for him. Dovchenko stooped down and the soldiers behind him gunned down the policemen and dragged their bodies away from the guard house.

Behind the screens[]

In the movie, there are five policemen at guard. They are identified by their armbands as members of the Military Police of the US Air Force (Air Police). None of them is indicated by name, and only two are credited: Robert Baker as an M.P. Sergeant and Kevin Collins as an M.P. in Guard Hut.

In the novelization, only three policemen appear and are indicated by name: Sergeant Jimmy Wycroft, Corporal Higgins, and Private Mitchell.


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