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Moab is a city in Utah.


By 1912[1] the local police[2] was represented by a Sheriff.[1] That year Henry Walton Jones, Senior and his son relocated to the city following Anna's death,[3] Junior enrolled the Boy Scouts of America, who regularly explored the area around the city.[1]

In 1914 the local schoolhouse burned down.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Grail Diary replica indicates that the Jones residence is located in Las Mesas, Colorado,[4] before being contradicted by the Ultimate Guide which canonized the location in Utah.[3] This early obsolete information was made perhaps because the real-world house used for the film is actually located in Antonito, Colorado. One way to reconcile the differences is to have the house be located in Utah (Moab area), but the college where Professor Jones worked (Four Corners University) remains in Las Mesas, Colorado.



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