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"I left Mohan in charge of The Raven while I'm gone. He can easily handle the everyday crowd."
Marion Ravenwood[src]

Mohan tended the bar at The Raven in Patan, Nepal.


In 1934, Marion Ravenwood, proprietor of the The Raven, left Mohan in charge of her Nepalese bar while she chased after a thief who had stolen the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra from her.

Mohan was present at the bar in 1936 when Ravenwood defeated the Australian climber Regan in a drinking contest.

Later on, Mohan was collecting firewood when Indiana Jones arrived to ask Ravenwood on the whereabouts of the headpiece, a medallion her father had collected. When Marion spoke to him in Nepalese, Mohan acted as if he had been dismissed from work and said something back in his native tongue, apparently saying goodbye to her as he left her and leaving her to talk with Jones.

Behind the scenes[]

Mohan was played by the late Anthony Chinn in Raiders of the Lost Ark.