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"Mombasa. A colorful mix of native, Arab, and European cultures."
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Mombasa is a major city of Kenya, located on the Indian Ocean in the southern part of the country. The city dates back to at least the 12th century, and was a major port in the medieval Muslim world. The city became a British protectorate in the 1820s, and was made part of British East Africa in the late 1800s. Mombasa is also the name of the district that covers and surrounds the city.

Beyond the settled areas of Mombasa lie jungle and some grasslands, left in their natural state by the wishes of coffee plantation owners further west, seeking to prevent competition.

In September 1909, Henry Jones, Sr. was on his World lecture tour and had arranged a break for his family, to visit Richard Medlicot's coffee plantation. The Jones family, Henry, Anna, Indiana, and their tutor Helen Seymour arrived in Mombasa by boat. They spent a few days sightseeing in the city before heading off to Medlicot's plantation.

Belgian troops disembarking in Mombasa.

During World War I, when Indiana and Remy Baudouin were enlisted to Africa, they stopped at Mombasa. Companies C and D reported to Barracks 12 while Company E to Barracks 9, but the rest had to join their unit at Lake Victoria through the railway. Indy and Remy took the wrong train to Moshi.

In 1931, Indiana Jones headed to the outskirts of Mombasa, looking for a site containing the Invincible Ruby that belonged to Ali Bey. After driving through the savanna, he reached a jungle and set out on foot. After a mishap with some monkeys, he discovered Ali Bey's Palace, and used the Wohat Statues to eventually open the door. Unfortunately, his rival, Ali Bey-Faisal came out of the jungle to commandeer the quest for the ruby. Jones' execution was halted when Ballantine Gruber arrived to save Jones. Gruber and Jones escaped into the palace, and eventually found the ruby. However, after Gruber's betrayal and death, and the destruction of the ruins, Jones left empty-handed and ran into René Belloq, who had hired Bey-Faisal, who now lay buried in the ruins of the palace.


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