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A monkey is a mammal in the primate family, which also includes lemurs and apes, and can be found in many environments around the world, especially in the tropical zones. The two main groups of monkeys are Old World monkeys, which lack prehensile tails and live in Africa and Asia, and the New World monkeys, which have prehensile tails and live in Central and South America. Monkeys fit into the mythology and culture of many human societies, and even occasionally into the diet.[1]

Some monkeys can be trained by humans as pets, performers, and even spies.[2]

Adventures with monkeys[]

Once Indy had eaten monkey brains and later stated that it wasn't bad once someone got over the strangeness of it.[3]

Monkey theft

Indiana Jones encounters a curious monkey.

During the later half of World War I, Indiana Jones encountered Monkeys in the mountains of Tibet near the city of Lhasa while trying to stop the Germans from obtaining the mustard gas device. He also encountered monkeys being used by Indian street thugs in Bombay, India, they where used to slow Indy down as he attempted to prevent the Germans from obtaining the ball-bearing bomb.[4]

In 1931, a golden-furred monkey stole the hat from Indiana Jones in the jungles outside of Mombasa, Kenya. Climbing down from a tree, Jones referred to the monkey as "Cheetah" when trying to get his hat back from it and its companions. The monkey screeched at Jones and bared his teeth, and Jones screeched back louder, scaring away the monkeys, and retrieving his beloved hat.[5]

In 1935, Indy and his companions were served a sumptuous feast at Pankot Palace. The dessert included Primate Parfait, which was a chilled monkey brain.[1]

In 1936, a trained Capuchin monkey was used by the Monkey Man to spy on Indy while he was in Cairo. Not knowing the monkey's true intentions, Indy and Marion Ravenwood adopted it as a pet, and took it around town with them. After Ravenwood's apparent death, the monkey was killed eating a poisoned date meant for Indy.[2]

In 1939, Indy saw monkeys in the Jungles of Panama and in the Temple of the Cosmos while searching for clues in the area about Charles Kingston.[6]

In 1947, Indy saw monkeys in Palawan, the Philippines while searching for the second piece of the Infernal Machine.[7]

In 1957, Mutt Williams encountered several Capuchin monkeys in the trees in the Amazon, while fighting in the jungle against Irina Spalko and her Soviet troops. When Williams began swinging on hanging vines in order to catch up with his friends, the monkeys followed him, and helped him attack some of the Soviet soldiers in their vehicles.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

For the monkeys' appearance in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, CGI monkeys were used instead of real ones because the production didn't have the permission to bring its own animals to Hawaii.[9]

Monkey is not a specifically scientific term for a particular species of primate, but a blanket term used for all primates that are not prosimian (lemurs or tarsiers) or apes. Chimpanzees and orangutans are technically apes and not monkeys.

In the cancelled novelization of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Indy and Maggie O'Malley saw chimpanzees in Topkapi Palace zoo in Istanbul while trying to escape on the back of an elephant. They made high-pitched sounds from a cage across from the elephant’s.[10]

Unique to their platform, the Nintendo DS versions of LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues give various characters the ability to turn into monkeys to traverse levels and solve puzzles. Among the character with this ability are the Monkey Man, Marion Ravenwood, and Mutt Williams, likely due to their interactions with monkeys during the films.[11][12]


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