Montgomery Bryce was an acting doctor from New Zealand.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Earlier in his life, Montgomery Bryce fought in World War I and went on to be Oxford University-educated in 1923.

Bryce had once been in a relationship with Si Huang, a seventeen year old concubine of a Chinese warlord. When the warlord discovered the relationship, however, he had Si Huang killed, and Bryce was fed her heart inside a meal of curried pork. The event traumatized Bryce and, plagued by night terrors and the lingering smell of curry, he turned toward vegetarianism.

In 1934, aboard Captain Snark's vessel, the Kamikaze Maru, he helped heal Indiana Jones from a gunshot wound he received by Japanese soldiers in Luchow.

When the ship was attacked, Bryce was lost overboard and presumed dead due to the severity of the stormy waters they were in.

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