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Morocco is a country in North Africa, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Its population includes both native Berbers and Arabs.

Scorpion and camels

Camels and a scorpion in the Moroccan desert.

The country has been unified under the rule of the Alaouite Dynasty since the 17th century, thus making Morocco one of the oldest states in Africa. In 1777, Morocco was the first nation to recognize the newly declared-independent United States of America.

It was also one of the last African states to succumb to European colonialism, being divided in French and Spanish protectorates only in 1912. The Berber Marksmen of the mountains, though, proved to be difficult to submit to both the Moroccan Sultan and the Europeans and rebelled from time to time. Tangier, the most prominent port and market in the country, was made an international city when the kingdom was divided into areas of influence.

As an old country, Morocco has also some old institutions, such as slavery.[1]

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During filming of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, director James Mangold and his crew were originally going to shoot part of the film in India. However, when the COVID-19 levels increased there during the pandemic, Mangold and his crew were forced to "rewrite their way" to Morocco.[2]



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