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Mount Shubet is a mountain in the tropical rain forests of north central Peru, in the Chachapoyas region, not far from the Utcubamba River and near the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors.


A. Bandelier visited the Chachapoyas area in 1893, and drew a sketch map that included part of the mountain as a landmark showing the site of the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors.

In 1936, Indiana Jones, along with Barranca, Satipo, and several Peruvian porters saw the mountain as they traveled towards the temple.

Behind the scenes[]

Mount Shubet is the mountain depicted in the opening shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark, that has a similar outline to the Paramount Pictures logo. Kalalea Mountain in Hawaii was used for the dissolve.

The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones contains a sketch map drawn by A. Bandelier in 1893 that shows the peak, on which Jones noted the "Paramount peak of Mt. Shubet", identifying the previously unnamed mountain. Mount Shubet is an actual location in Peru, where the opening of Raiders is set, but is of a radically different formation to that of Kalalea Mountain.

Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide makes reference to a summit in the area nicknamed "El Panal" (the Bee-Hive), though it is not clear whether or not El Panal and Mount Shubet are one and the same.



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