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Doctor Mulbray was a professor who bought an expensive but fake Mexican statue on the recommendation of colleague John Reid, a geologist.[1]

A month before Indiana Jones acquired the Cross of Coronado, Professor Mulbray asked him to date the statue. Indy believed it was fake and broke the statue in half to show Mulbray the cross section.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Billy J. Mitchell portrayed Doctor Mulbray in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

While Mulbray makes a fleeting appearance in the background of Last Crusade, he does not appear in the script. However, references to the character exist in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Graphic Adventure video game in a dialogue in the Barnett College scenes with Marcus Brody.[1]

In the novelization by Rob MacGregor, Brody and Jones are approached in Barnett College by two unnamed colleagues. The second of whom, a professor, produces a ceramic statue he acquired in Mexico and would like it appraised. Jones snaps it in two and, like the game, proves it is without value, suggesting that Mulbray is the same man, while his partner is likely Stanton.[2]


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