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Mutt Williams's knife was a switchblade owned by Mutt Williams in 1957.


When Mutt and Indiana Jones were threatened in Arnie's Diner by two Russian KGB agents, Mutt took out his switchblade and challenged the agents. The agents, however, had guns, and Mutt and Jones had to follow them out of the room.[1]

After their arrival in Nazca, Peru, Jones talked to some local people while Mutt remained next to his motorcycle and played around with his knife, waiting for Jones to return.[1]


Mutt passing his knife to Jones in Orellana's tomb

In Orellana's grave, when they found the mummies of Orellana and his companions, Indiana Jones asked Mutt whether he had a knife. Mutt passed him his switchblade and Jones used it to open a mummy. He then took a dagger from the opened mummy and returned the knife to Mutt.[1]

In the jungle camp in Brazil, Mutt used his knife to cut open the rear of a tent so that he could escape with Jones, Marion, and Oxley.[1]

When Mutt, Jones, Marion, Oxley, and McHale arrived at Akator and were attacked by Ugha warriors, Mutt took out his knife to defend himself and Marion, but when Oxley showed the Crystal Skull of Akator to the warriors, they let them pass.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


Shia LaBeouf practicing with his knife on set

Shia LaBeouf was given a switchblade, but there was no switchblade coach available. Therefore, he practiced by himself during pauses on the set. When he showed Steven Spielberg the skills he had gained, Spielberg decided to add this to the film.[2] In the scene of Mutt messing around with his knife in Nazca, however, Shia accidentally caught the knife twice on the side of its blade instead of its handle.

The switchblade, together with the comb, was one of the two props specially designed for Mutt Williams. It was made in Italy.[3] It had a buffalo horn handle and bayonet-style blade.



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