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"You are the greatest, Nancy Stratemeyer. You've got brains, luck, and dollops of pluck!"
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Nancy Stratemeyer was the precocious daughter of author Edward Stratemeyer.


In 1916, Nancy and high school sweetheart Indiana Jones foiled a secret plot to bury Thomas Edison's designs for an electric car. Nancy lost touch with Indy shortly thereafter, when the young adventurer quit high school to briefly participate in the Mexican Revolution and ultimately enlist in the Belgian army.[1]

However, after returning home to Princeton from World War I in 1919, Jones encountered Stratemeyer again, and discovered that in his absence she had married Indy's old rival Butch in 1917[2] and became a mother.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Nancy saw herself eventually marrying Indiana Jones and having two children: first a son, Henry Jones III, then a daughter named Sally. However, it was not to be.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Robyn Lively portrayed Nancy Stratemeyer in the "Princeton, February 1916" episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and reprised the role in Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father as well as new footage that connects "Princeton, February 1916" to "Mexico, March 1916" for the home video release of Spring Break Adventure.[1] The footage featuring the character from Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father was later re-edited into Winds of Change.[3]

In the novelization Nancy is described as having dark hair, but she is presented as a redhead in the televised episode.[4]

In real life, Edward Stratemeyer never had a daughter named Nancy. Nancy's character is an amalgam of Stratemeyer's real life daughter Harriet and one of his most famous fictional creations, teen detective Nancy Drew. In addition to Harriet, Stratemeyer had another daughter named Edna.



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