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The Nazca Lines are located in the Nazca Plain (near Nazca) of Peru. Large geoglyphs that can only be easily seen from the air, they were created by the Nazca Indians for their gods. Several of the giant glyphs include a hummingbird, a monkey, other animal forms, and astronomical lines.


In 1957, Harold Oxley used the Nazca Lines in his letter as part of a clue to help direct Indiana Jones to find the Crystal Skull of Akator, hidden in Orellana's grave in the Chauchilla Cemetery on a cliff overlooking the plain. When Mutt Williams brought the letter to Jones, he correctly identified the "lines only the Gods can read" as the Nazca Lines. He opened his copy of Mirror of the Gods: Ancient Astronomy and Celestial Navigation which contained images of the Nazca Lines and showed them to Mutt.[1]

Jones and Mutt then flew to Peru. As they approached Nazca, their airplane flew over the lines.[1]



Indy showing Mutt images of the Nazca lines in a book


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