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"You got a lot of nice stuff. Other people's stuff."
Indiana Jones, to Weber[src]

The Nazi Stronghold was a medieval French castle seized and held by the Nazis during World War II and used to store plundered antiquities.

In 1944, Allied aircraft bombed the fortress and Schutzstaffel forces under Colonel Weber evacuated the pieces but not before the officer claimed what he thought was the Lance of Longinus for Adolf Hitler and physicist Jürgen Voller secured one half of a dial which calculated the location of fissures in time.


What would become the Nazi Stronghold was a medieval fortress situated uphill from a local train yard in Eastern France, close to the western border of Switzerland. During World War II, Nazi forces occupied the castle and it was used to horde plundered antiquities.[1]

Indiana Jones, an OSS agent,[2][3] and his friend Basil Shaw, a fellow archaeologist, came to believe that the Lance of Longinus was part of the captured loot and moved to recover it in 1944 during an Allied air strike upon the castle.[1]

While Shaw, posing as a birdwatcher, was directed to stay in the woods, Jones was captured at the main gate while attempting to infiltrate the structure dressed in the uniform of a shot German soldier. He was dragged into the great hall in front of Schutzstaffel Colonel Weber whose men were evacuating the castle with its treasures but the questioning was brief and the officer directed that Jones be hanged. When Jürgen Voller, a Nazi physicist, brought the Lance of Longinus to Weber, the colonel quickly escorted what he thought was a supernatural prize for Adolf Hitler to a waiting plunder train headed for Berlin.[1]

Upstairs in the tower, Indiana Jones was saved when a US 250 LB bomb suddenly dropped through the ceiling which got entangled on the carpet during its descent. Slowly but surely the bomb dropped down the multiple floors below until it detonated, destroying much the tower's interior including all the floors and wiped out all the Nazi troops. Damage from the blast enabled the hanging archaeologist to eventually slip out of his noose and he would then go on to make his escape in a convoy.[1]


Behind the scenes[]

Filming for the exterior and interior of the Nazi Stronghold took place at Bamburgh Castle, on the northeast coast of England.

Despite the soundtrack of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny calling the score over the Nazi Stronghold "Germany, 1944",[4] road signs indicating that the communes of Poligny and Lons-le-Saunier are 57km and 86km away, respectively,[1] would suggest that the fortress is located around the city of Besançon in eastern France. The real-world city does contain a citadel (now a World Heritage Site) which was occupied by the Nazis during World War II and the local railway complex was hit during an Allied bombing run.



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