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"Nepal Nightmare Adventure Pack" is a role-playing adventure released by TSR in 1985 as part of its Adventures of Indiana Jones series. The game is based on a story that appeared in issues 17 and 18 of Marvel Comics' Further Adventures of Indiana Jones.

Publisher's summary[]

Terror grips the throat of Indiana Jones, an the frail bridge sways in the icy mountain wind! Where moments befor only a blank snow-swept ledge stood, there now looms a monstrous dark figure, the ends of the bridge torn free in its claws. Indy's cold-numbed hands slip on the icy ropes.

Hard to believe that a simple telegram could have led to this. But then again, that telegram gave Marion hope that she might still find her father alive. And Indy knew he would have to join the search for Abner Ravenwood.

If ever there was a time for action, it is now! Indy struggles to reach the far side of the bridge, but too late! The shriek of the wind combines with the roar of the beast and with a violent shudder it flings the sundered bridge, Indy, and Marion into the yawning chasm!

From the charming isle of Crete with its legendary labyrinth, to the challenge of the snow-covered Himalayas, Indiana Jones and Marion face fantastic foes and seek fabled lands in search of Abner Ravenwood. Old foes and new conquests face the greatest adventurer.

The product features the colorful ADVENTURE FOLD-UP Deathtrap, to add suspense and excitement to your games. Also included is a full-size poster map of the adventure areas.

This adventure pack is for use with the ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES role-playing game from TSR, Inc., and cannot be played without that game.




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